The New Ground Game


New Ground is a full-service political consulting firm offering strategic guidance to candidates, campaigns, and organizations looking to move public opinion, reshape electorates or mobilize the grassroots.



The ways campaigns and organizations can reach their audiences is constantly evolving. With more choices than ever, breaking through means using the right combination of technologies and tactics that cut through the noise. 

Our approach integrates the one-to-one targeting opportunities of both digital and face-to-face outreach to deliver the new ground game. 

Our pioneering work in multi-channel organizing campaigns has been used to register hundreds of thousands of first-time voters, bridge the gap between online/offline organizing efforts, secure critical legislative victories and help elect candidates from City Hall to the White House.


Please see below for highlights from some of our recent work:


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"New Ground has been more than just consultants for us. They've been in the trenches with us through thick and thin and their expertise in running complex, large-scale field programs and their innovative approach to mobilizing voters has made them an invaluable part of the NGP team since the beginning."

Nse Ufot

Executive Director, New Georgia Project

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

In 2016, SEIU International asked New Ground staff to design and execute field operations in three presidential battleground states. Our programs trained tens of thousands of canvassers and drove turnout among contacted voters up to 22 points higher than similar voters no one spoke with.

New Georgia Project

New Ground staff has worked with the leadership team of the New Georgia Project since 2014 to help achieve their goal of closing the registration gap in Georgia. In just two years, statewide campaigns organized by New Ground staff have registered over 200,000 Black and Latino Georgians to vote.

NextGen California

In 2016, New Ground staff designed and led voter registration programs registering 30,000 residents of Oakland and Los Angeles, CA in just six weeks.

Ed Lee for Mayor

In a wide-open field of candidates, New Ground staff mobilized thousands of volunteers as part of a citywide GOTV effort that helped propel the first-time candidate Ed Lee to office as Mayor of San Francisco.



Inspiring People to Action.